ASP.NET Exposed

A cool, free seminar featuring the creators of ASP.NET — translation I’m sending Rob Howard or Scott Guthrie all over the country to speak to you about: Security Tips/Tricks ASP.NET “Whidbey” It should be a lot of fun, lots of cool giveaways, see the big boys in action, and it’s free.. Sign up today


TLS341 – My talk with OmarK

Just finished my talk with Omar Kahn on all the great new Visual Studio “Whidbey” enhancements for Web Development.  Our deck is up on right now — but skip that and check out this great summary…  Why do it myself when someone else summarized it better 😉 Stay posted here, because I’m going to…


It’s here… The PDC

I feel the electricity in the air already.  I’m at the LA Convention center preparing for my different presentations and even this early on the PreCon day, I can feel the excitement.  Logo buses on the street, PDC logos everywhere, conference attendees scurrying around figuring out what sessions to go to.  You can tell this…



Today was an amazing day down at PHPCon in Santa Clara.  I am the one Microsoft guy here and have spent the day learning by talking to PHP developers and many of the core PHP architects like Zeev, Wez, John, Sterling, Thies, George, Shane, and others…  These folks are amazing developers, with great minds who…


Southern California Regional User Group Meeting

All I can say was wow!  What a great time.  I did a 90 minute ASP.NET “Whidbey” talk for at least 400 people down in Southern California — it was a combination of all the local user groups.  The folks from San Diego bussed themselves up and made t-shirts, which are absolutely fabulous.  My favorite…


PS — some great new articles on the DevCenter

Ok, forgot to mention this!  We put some great new content up on the ASP.NET Developer Center.  In particular is Part 2 of Mike Amundsen “Jumping Into ASP.NET” series.  A must read.. Plus a cool article on using Web Matrix and the new controls that ship with it. And a shameless plug, but something to…


ASP Connections

So I’m down in Palm Springs, staying at the beautiful La Quinta resort.  Seems like no one is really around yet.  I’ve been working on my talk and think i pretty much have it ready.  I’m looking forward to this conference, should be a lot of fun and there are two great keynotes to be had…


I’m still alive :)

I’m still alive — Been swamped preparing for ASPConnections, a regional user group talk in southern california on Tuesday, October 14th (Which you should come to if you are in the area), and PDC…  The User Group is going to be fun, talking about Visual Studio “Whidbey” and ASP.NET 2.0 stuff — a little before PDC…