New *COOL* content

They put up a few really great articles on MSDN today!  My personal favorite
is one on how to use ASP.NET
to write an RSS aggregator
-- now you don't have to be bound to your client app,
let your subscriptions roam with you on a server.

Also, if you ever need to figure out when a DataGrid, DataList or Repeater is your
best bet, check out this article
to help you decide -- I think this is a pretty common sticking point!

Last, but certainly not least is a new series by Mike Amudsen at eraserver titled
into ASP.NET
" -- the beginning of what should prove to be a fantastic series for
users who want to see what the whole process of creating an ASP.NET application is
all about.  I can't reccommend this enough for anyone who wants to evaluate,
learn, or switch to ASP.NET.


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