Google me

After reading Luke Hutteman's recent
entry about being "#1" on google search for the name "luke", my megalomania kicked
in just a bit and I wondered, hmm.. Brian is a very common name, I wonder what my
rank on google is.

With a little effort, I found out that searching for Brian yields
my blog as the 331st result out of 13.8 million.  That puts me in the top 99.9976%
of hits.  WOW!  I'm definitely shocked.  Add in my last name and I'm
top dog.  🙂

This is what happens when you are reaching exhaustion.  I apologize! 
Although, it is a bit amusing, isn't it?

Comments (6)
  1. Brian Keller says:

    You’re already up to #316!
    I sure hope I’m not going to be perpetually stuck at n+1…

  2. Pavel Bitz says:

    You mean it puts you in the top 0.0024% of hits…
    Even I’m probably in the top 99.9976%, and my name is not Brian…

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