Cell phones

Looks like Cell Phones Service is getting /. pretty hardcore right now (http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/08/04/1122252)
... interesting read -- Trying to determine the best service in an area is hard, and
I think varies by phone and expecations.  I used to have AT&T in the southeast
and it was miserable, but when I traveled it was normally the 2nd best or "good enough." 
Now I'm on T-Mobile, it is "good enough" but I wish it could be better.  At least
I don't have sprint.  Best news ever is the new law in november that enables
anyone to keep their # across providers, what a deal! 

The BEST thing that came out of this thread though, is this wireless
tower locator
 that lets you map out the towers near you by providers, etc. 
Way better than a coverage map...

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