Returning from Blogernation

Over drinks on saturday night Daniel
and a few others were discussing how one can get back into blogging
after taking some time off.  Is there a method to do this?  Do we just jump
back in or should we justify it.  What was it even called when you blog regularly
and then disappear out of the blogosphere for weeks (or months) on end.  We came
up with a few good terms:

Blogernation (blogger hibernation)
Blogatus (blogging hiatus)
Blugeruption (blogging interruption)
Blogmant (blog dormant)
Blogmission (blog intermission)

Either way, I am going to make an effort to come out of my Blogernation (my personal
favorite) and participate again.  I got a bit underwater with travel and work
and now it is just work, so back to blogging.

A lot of great things have been going on while I've been away (TechEd Europe, MGB),
which you can read about on my Blogroll with ease.  For me, there was a great
Web Dev article in the SDTimes (
and we have seen some great feedback with the new release of Web Matrix.  Now
is time to make the big push towards PDC (
-- We are going to make some big announcements around Longhorn and Whidbey and it
will open up the possiblities of discussion on here a whole bunch!

Tomorrow EricR will be giving a Keynote
at VSLiveNY where
he will show off some great new features from Visual Studio Whidbey -- the keynote
is open to anyone I think, so if you happen to be in NYC, you should try and go --
It is at the Grand Hyatt New York (Park at GCT), so you can get more info onsite. 
The Keynote is tomorrow at 9AM, so hurry 🙂

Well, more to come I'm sure -- glad to be back.

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  1. Glad to have you back from Blogatus 🙂

  2. Brian Keller says:

    Ever wonder how many people have started their blog entries with "Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while"? 194, according to Google.

    I like blogerruption from your list. But come on guys… Saturday night and you’re out talking about blogging? I’m so blogging about what losers you are. 😉

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