The state of technology today

Wired released its new Wired
, and it is a great summary of what technology is doing and where it is headed. 
Looking at these great companies helps define the technology landscape of today and
will help you think about the future.

We are in there.  They see .NET as a challenge without traction.  I think
they aren't giving us enough credit.  ASP.NET is slowly transforming the way
people think about Web Applications.  The next version pushes the envelope even
further.  Come on board today and I know you will happily reap the benefits in
the future. 


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  1. mvn says:

    I would think that to expect credit, you must create something that deserves credit. Until not only works, but works in everyday situations, you can expect people to decide not to use it, and instead find satisfaction and comparable capabilities in other brands. Good luck.

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