Enter the matrix… of TechEd

I awoke this morning to 800 mg of Advil and a nice warm shower.  30 minutes later
I was on the bus headed to the conference center.  I was definitely excited and
had no idea what to expect.  The words "totally overwhelmed" do not even begin
to describe the 'shock and awe' value of this event.  It is just down right enormous. 
The exhibition hall is the size of several football fields and in the internet cafe
there must be 300+ stations lined up in rows, flat screen, small desktop, all full
of people checking email.  Everyone has a laptop, a cell phone, a PDA and is
trying to balance using all three at once while thumbing through the pocket guide
to figure out where to go next.  Not sure how they do it, I haven't been to successful
in the balancing act.

After getting over the enormity of it all, I knew where to go - the Speakers Lounge. 
I've spent the day with a few customer meetings and planning the rest of my week. 
I actually want to write more, but I have to wrap it up -- going to talk with some
hosters about the future of web hosting.  Making it easier for people to get
their apps online is an important objective of mine, and hopefully these will be the
first steps.

Until later...

PS - I'm going to try and take pictures to capture it all, but I'm not sure it can
quite do it justice.

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