TechEd 2003

I've been doing errands around my place trying to avoid packing for TechEd. 
I've only been removed from the 100% humidity lifestyle for about a year, but you
quickly forget what is like to walk out of the shower and never completely dry-off. 
I'm not particularly looking forward to that feeling again.

BUT I am looking forward to TechEd.  This will be my first Microsoft
Conference and I've been told to take in all its glory.  I don't have to speak
at this one so I get the best of all worlds; check out sessions, the booths, community
room, and customers.  Should be an amazing learning experience and I'm excited
to see what all the hype is about. 

A funny story about this hotel
that is being talked about.  I was not planning on attending TechEd
until about 7 days ago.  I knew there wasn't a chance that I could get a hotel
room.  The Hyatt was booked.  So was the Adolphus.  The Le Meridien. 
The Shearton.  So I called the Adams Mark on a whim because it seemed close by. 
They had rooms, score one for me, I'm not sleeping on the street.

As it turns out my *DUMB* luck turned out to be pretty good.  I hear lots of complaning about
lousy staff, no highspeed at the Hyatt.  Why would they make Hyatt the speaker
hotel without HIGH SPEED?  I mean come on... I almost expect high speed internet
everywhere now, especially a hotel for TECHED, emphasis on TECH.  It is funny
isn't it?  Well, at least I know I can get work done from the hotel room in between
the conference and the parties.

Ahh teched, here I come.  I should probably pack now.  See ya'll in
Dallas.  Oh I'm slipping back already.

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