Creating workflow queues using List Events and SharePoint Designer Workflows

I had a requirement to create the effect of workflow queues and have my published infopath forms move from one queue to another based on specific values in the form(which are sometimes populated through webservice calls) and still not use WF workflow. I came up with a solution that utilized SharePoint 2007 List Events and SharePoint Designer Copy List Item and Delete List Item activities. The Queues are simply forms libraries that are created when I published my InfoPath form from InfoPath. The values that I need to check were exposed as form library columns from the publishing wizard in InfoPath. I overrided the ItemAdded List Event of the form libraries to call whatever webservices I needed, used the exposed columns values through SPListItem.Properties[“ColumnName”]. I created SharePoint Designer workflows on those form libraries with conditions set to monitor specific values on those exposed columns (that get changed by the webservices)…and voil√†. The Forms are moving between libraries based on values that can be changed by the user or from webservice calls