Configuring email enabled lists

Email enabled lists allow you to add items to a Sharepoint 2007 list by sending an email to that list with the item(s) you wish to add as attachment(s).

To use e-mail enabled lists with a simple SMTP server setup on a domain controller server, you can do the following:

  1. Install SMTP Server.

  2. Open the IIS MMC snapin.

  3. Right click on Properties of Default SMTP Virtual Server.

  4. Click the Access Tab, Relay. Add the IP address of the SharePoint server to the computers that can relay through this virtual server.

  5. Click the Delivery tab, Advanced. For Masquerade Domain enter the domain name of your server, leave the Smart Host blank. The configuration should look like that.

  6. Open the SharePoint Central Administration and navigate to the Operations tab.

  7. Under Topologies and  Services categories – you will find a link to Incoming e-mail settings.

  8. Enable incoming e-mail and use the advanced settings mode.

  9. Leave the Directory Management Services defaults as they are (No).

  10. Fill in the e-mail server display address to be <servername>.<DomainName>

  11. For the drop folder put c:\inetpub\mailroot\drop – if you are not using the default settings you will need to change this.

  12. Browse to your list/library.

  13. Click on list settings for a specif list/library.

  14. Under Communication settings, click Email settings.

  15. Check the Enable this list to receive e-mails.

  16. Fill in an e-mail address for the list/library.

To configure e-mail enabled lists with a simple SMTP server setup on a standalone server, take a look at the steps highlighted here

To configure Incoming Email Enabled Libraries in MOSS2007 RTM using Exchange 2003 in an Active Directory Domain, check out this white paper