Unable to delete SharePoint 2007 site because "user canceled the action"

Ever try to delete a SharePoint 2007 site via the browser and get an error message stating that the user canceled the action?  If you have access to the SharePoint server, you probably deleted the site from stsadm.  But what happens when you do not have access to the server?  I ran into this scenario with one of my customers.  It was frustrating to have to open a service ticket every time we encountered this issue.  After some "experimenting", I found a way around the issue.  Hopefully this saves someone some time.

  1. Navigate to the site that you want to delete
  2. From the Site Settings page, select "Title, Description, and Icon"
  3. Change the site's URL
  4. Click "Ok".  This will take you back to the Site Settings page.
  5. Now try to delete the site


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