XNA Game Studio 3.0 beta is now available for download!

The framework and tools team has been hauling A over the last few months to get this to you and they are justly proud of themselves.  A key factor in the beta is that you can’t deploy to your Xbox in this version – this is mostly to try out things while developing on your PC….


Welcome to the XNA Community Games beta!

So, it all begins here. Writing a game that someday thousands of people will play on their Xboxes. Or, if you are more an armchair dev, helping other people fulfill their dreams by reviewing their game. Http://creators.xna.com  now has what you need to get started.  You can buy a creators club membership…which unlocks the special…


XNA MVPs Rock! and Red Hair

I had one afternoon and one evening this week with our beloved XNA MVPs and it really was a treat. Game developer MVPs are a different breed – they tell more bizarre stories on less beers. Ask George Clingerman about the mustache he doesn’t have. ….I am eternally grateful to George for praising my cod…


Game Developers Conference 2008 – preconference notes

 This is what the conference center  looked like on Sunday before I got my badge. It looked the same after, except with a tinge of relief. 🙂 This is the mysterious shroud Joystiq is talking about. I like my photo better than theirs. My photos are going to probably run a day or so behind…


Making a 2D XNA Game – When Cods Collide Part 1

To make the most use of this and its subsequent post, you should download the XNA  2D Collision detection sample and look over both the code and documentation in Game Studio 2.0.  This post was written with the game.cs file open, so may as well read it in the same vein…the blog post is meant to help you…


My First Sprite – the Bouncing Cod

Folks that have been reading my blog know that since I joined the XNA team, I have had this desire (fiercely impeded by my day job, laundry, car repairs, cat crises, and the tendency of my day job to be my night job) to write an XNA game. You will note that, I did not…


XNA Game Studio 2.0 released!

My man Michael Klucher ( who was up all night incidentally, as was Dean) has more of the info you need to know on the release of XNA Game Studio 2.0:  http://blogs.msdn.com/xna/archive/2007/12/13/xna-game-studio-2-0-released.aspx And once you’ve absorbed the new features of the framework and tools, put them to great use in the Dream Build Play contest!…


XNA Gamefest 2007 – this should be fun!

In sort of a last-minute maneuvering, I am going to  Gamefest this year. Gamefest is Microsoft’s game technology conference, and after seeing the session tracks I am really stoked to go. Not only will the XNA framework posse I work with be showing off the cool tools and capabilities of the framework, there will be…


Josh Ledgard, Death Bunnies, and a cool drink of lemonade

First off, it was sad to see Josh Ledgard go…although in working on the sites that Telligent handles for Microsoft, he’s not going too too far away. Josh was one of the earliest members of “Drinking about Community” and someone I could always count on to understand and extend the thinking around community topics at…