Community Tip of the Day: The Atreides Bought Loyalty with Loyalty

Warning: this is one of those Betsy posts where I combine a lot of disparate points. 🙂  One of my late night reading addictions recently  has been watching the personal finance/frugality bloggers expound as we go throught this economic downturn. Personal finance/frugal bloggers in the tradition of the Tightwad Gazette are a unique breed and because… – open for your XNA games!

Launch day!    Everyone here in cubeland is drinking coffee, a bit foggy, and eating the breakfast sent in to celebrate the site going up (crepes and eggs and bacon). Folks are downloading the new Game Studio 3.0  and well they should…that’s the version of the tools and framework that will make your game approve-able…


XNA Community Games on Major Nelson!

Kathleen Sanders has that video poise I wish I had through my Channel 9/10 appearances and she does an amazing job at talking about how things will work and how excited our team is to see what comes next! Live it vivid!


Heads down, community word up

My headspace is with the rest of the XNA  community games team, rather heads-down at the moment with a brief foray Mon-Tues into the MSR Social Computing Symposium  (streamed live on’Reilly). That is always an amazing mental trip because of the academics who present as well as industry leading lights. I worked the weekend…


Gamefest 2008 – Beans spilled for the bean counters, a good booth day

I am back to the salt mines after a day of booth babin’ at XNA Gamefest. It was very cool to see all the MVPS again, hear from customers about what they hope we can do for them in the future, and chat a bit about peer review (no, it’s not the same thing as…


Getting Ready for Gamefest 2008, hurrah for Torpex!

 Hurrah Torpex! I remember the demo of this game Schizoid  at last year’s Gamefest booths..such a wild and different style of gameplay. Now you can get it on Xbox LIVE and make your brain dance in new ways 🙂 Those of you wanting to top When Cods Collide (and I hope you do!) please check out the…


Seeing the community’s XNA games on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

So I went home early today with a  snoggy head cold…which gave me the perfect excuse to try out the beta code and the community games launcher. It’s a bit tricky I admit – once you redeem the code, you have to go over to My Games Area, make sure you have XNA Creators Club…


Coming for Holiday 2008 – Community Games on Xbox LIVE Announcement at GDC

Finally finally finally  I get to blog about this. 🙂  This is the team I am on you know – I am a pm for the community games team in XNA. But I’ve been so busy today at the conference, really other people are doing a better job of blogging it now. 🙂 There are…