and a decent shot of courage

I haven’t written much lately because I’ve pulled some weird stunts, like stay awake 26 hours and tweet for a good percentage of that while triaging bugs. I’ve put on my painted shoes and my marketing hat and gone to conferences while blitzing in and out of ops calls. This being in PR while shipping…

5 – open for your XNA games!

Launch day!    Everyone here in cubeland is drinking coffee, a bit foggy, and eating the breakfast sent in to celebrate the site going up (crepes and eggs and bacon). Folks are downloading the new Game Studio 3.0  and well they should…that’s the version of the tools and framework that will make your game approve-able…


XNA Community Games on Major Nelson!

Kathleen Sanders has that video poise I wish I had through my Channel 9/10 appearances and she does an amazing job at talking about how things will work and how excited our team is to see what comes next! Live it vivid!


Heads down, community word up

My headspace is with the rest of the XNA  community games team, rather heads-down at the moment with a brief foray Mon-Tues into the MSR Social Computing Symposium  (streamed live on’Reilly). That is always an amazing mental trip because of the academics who present as well as industry leading lights. I worked the weekend…