Uncompromising customer service = Bliss (Soaps)

So, folks who have followed this blog know that I know how to make bath bombs (or fizzes), have given a presenation at Foo Camp East on how to make them, give them away to fellow social media conference panelists, and mentioned Bliss Soaps, (http://blisssoap.com/ which is in the Capitol HIll neighborhood of Seattle. I had mentioned…


Community Tip of the Day: Commanding Presence

One amazing thing about the Internet is that no one knows you are a dog. More than that, you can fool the Internet into thinking you are two dogs — or three dogs, or just a hyperactive cat with a twitter account. In the last community tip I talked about having the right attitude, being…


Community Tip of the Day: Little Emails Move Big Mountains

A few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas (Vegas BABY!) speaking at a CEA Industry Forum panel on Web 2.0 and social media. My comrades were leading lights, and I was honored to be there (they kept mistaking me for the VP of Comcast, which was flattering to me if completely incorrect as per my minion role)…  Moderator:…


Welcome to the XNA Community Games beta!

So, it all begins here. Writing a game that someday thousands of people will play on their Xboxes. Or, if you are more an armchair dev, helping other people fulfill their dreams by reviewing their game. Http://creators.xna.com  now has what you need to get started.  You can buy a creators club membership…which unlocks the special…


XNA MVPs Rock! and Red Hair

I had one afternoon and one evening this week with our beloved XNA MVPs and it really was a treat. Game developer MVPs are a different breed – they tell more bizarre stories on less beers. Ask George Clingerman about the mustache he doesn’t have. ….I am eternally grateful to George for praising my cod…


Thanksgiving & some Technical Thoughts of Gratitude

Let’s all give it up for the Internet. While some things on it have scarred me for life, never has the human race been able to collaborate so profoundly with such speed. Let’s also give it up for the cell phone. When disaster calls, you can be sure that every cell tower will be jammed….


Microsoft Women’s Conference 2007

Yesterday was the first day of the conference, and before I descend into “I’m about to speak on a panel” neurosis I thought I’d mention a few of the insights I picked up at the sessions yesterday. (My panel today is on Web 2.0 with some powerhouse women from Windows Live so I hope I…


Autumn’s here and so is the Women’s Conference

Yes it’s been a month since I last blogged, thereby ruining my blogging new year’s resolution. Some of that is Bioshock and Halo3-related, what can you do ? 🙂 On the bummer-to-say-goodbye-but-wish-them-well side: Bubba Murarka who I got to work with briefly while in Live Search (his team took on QnA) Ye Ol Fish Pirate Rory…


Community work: the time of your life

I’m staying up late to write a shoutout to Sandy Khaund, who is moving on to a new gig   He’ll be doing the startup thing in San Francisco and bringing the same energy, management skills, and no doubt baseball bat to his new team. I take great pride in being part of the fire hose…


Speaking at Blogher in Chicago this July

Yay! I am going to be with a panel with other cool bloggers speaking about building online communities. (You can see the common thread to my speaking gigs. 🙂 They do a very interactive panel, so it’s not so much powerpoint decks and harrumphing but back and forth between the audience and the panel. Should…