Paid to tweet, like I was paid to blog

So, I’ve done many awkward things in my bespeckled and bespectacled community career. I’ve worn speaker Oxford after speaker Oxford – and you tech geeks know the ones. The ones that have embroidery that say “Speaker – Teched Amsterdam 2005” and you feel you can’t give them away, yet you can’t wear them to a hipster bar…


Leaving Xbox …going to Live Search and MSN (Online Services)

A job where they had free beer on Fridays. Free video games handed out by our administrative assistant. A job where a person can be “working” by playing with a big Xbox and TV sitting on their desk. Yep, the days (daze?) of XNA Community Games are behind me. I’ve gone over to the Dark Side….


I leave for a week and what happens?

I get some much-needed sleep and sun.  Google answers goes kaput. A moment of silence in respect for those guys’ efforts and early-to-market presence. Seattle gets buried in snow. Buried meaning any amount of it; we can’t take it, we can’t drive in it, and the whining starts forthwith. My whine was actually the angst…