Blog infidelity – sign of the times

I've spent a year being massively unfaithful to this blog. 🙁

Last year (and to be fair the year before), it was more about twitter growing in influence and eating away my will to write long pieces.

This year, it's been more about posting other places - on the Bing blog about our social hackathon or for Blogworld about cause marketing. I've written most recently a slew of posts around Bing's work with startups at Bing Booster - the Seattle Casting call, or Geeks on a Plane: Asia .  Oh yeah, and I'm doing a chickenblogging experiment unrelated to work (though tangentially related to Chris Pirillo) at . But that's because I get so many questions in social media channels about the chickens!)

And part of it, the bar for this blog is getting higher. In the early days of blogging, typos were a sort of badge of authenticity and real-time meaning. With twitter and SMS and fat-fingered phone statuses, not only do typos in blog posts seem quaint, they seem inadequate. 😛 I can't compete with the autocorrect sites either cause of the nature of this blog demands it be safe for work! 🙂

I don't believe blogs as a medium are dead. I personally am not dead, and I'm (possibly due to my lack of self-actualization and enlightenment) not yet willing to call this blog dead either. But more and more I feel like it's the place where you have to get Betsy brainmatter unrelated to what's going on in the Bing evangelism world, the twitter world, the FB world, and the "guest blogger around startups" world. Because all those worlds have their outlets and you see enough of me there. They key thing about this blog is that you can email me through the contact list. Straight into my work inbox (though you might want to tweet at me to remind me, if you think it might have been too long and/or caught by Microsoft corporate junk filters).

That means the cadence of the writing here will of necessity slow down and the posts will all end up being longer. And topicwise, more about cyberculture and social media and women in tech. So for 2012, that's what you will see here. I've got a decent lifehackerish post in the works up next that will be my first of 2012. It will probably take me these two weeks (on vacation) to finish it (my how things change right - blogs used to be our twitter).

So more in a bit, and thanks for your patience! 2012 will be an amazing year!






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