XNA Game Studio 3.0 beta is now available for download!

The framework and tools team has been hauling A over the last few months to get this to you and they are justly proud of themselves.  A key factor in the beta is that you can't deploy to your Xbox in this version - this is mostly to try out things while developing on your PC.

Get setup here if you are new to it all:


If you have the previous CTP or run into problems, our amazing setup pm Aaron Stebner's blog is particularly helpful:


Get help from folks in the forums here:


In a move that entirely trumps When Cods Collide in 2.0, we have Goat Attack by John Kennedy on the new 3.0 stuff:


Live it vivid!


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  1. John Kennedy says:

    Clearly we should quit MS and form our own game studio, Betsy.

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