Seeing the community’s XNA games on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

So I went home early today with a  snoggy head cold...which gave me the perfect excuse to try out the beta code and the community games launcher. It's a bit tricky I admit - once you redeem the code, you have to go over to My Games Area, make sure you have XNA Creators Club indicated at the top and THEN hit the Yellow Y button for download...then automagically all this cool stuff shows up! It really is like being part of a secret club.  (Thank you Michael Klucher for all your hard work on this part of the magic)

And scrolling down.....(there are actually more games as I put this post together, including Sumo...the photos are from earlier this afternoon)

Double checked to make sure the game classification was represented properly...hurrah for the Violence, Sex and Mature Content scores! (Thanks to Paul Tidwell for making that magic sentence happen).


Got the splash screen for Little Gamers after the download....


And away we go...I love rocket launchers.... I really do....


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