Welcome to the XNA Community Games beta!

So, it all begins here. Writing a game that someday thousands of people will play on their Xboxes. Or, if you are more an armchair dev, helping other people fulfill their dreams by reviewing their game.

Http://creators.xna.com  now has what you need to get started. 

You can buy a creators club membership...which unlocks the special abilities to submit and peer review games.

Learn the guts of making a great game with guts...playtest at home with your friends by beaming the game to your Xbox.

Submit your game....recruit reviewers on the forums....

Use your creator code (on your profile)....to download the community player and play other people's games.

The team has busted butt to get this out to you- be sure to give us feedback on the connect site  (you can file bugs and take the surveys there).  Dave Weller has posted more details on the XNA Team blog.

(You know, I hate the long silences I have to observe before shipping something like this (Live QnA drove me nuts the same way)....such a relief to finally get to talk about stuff!)

Betsyedit: trying to get the datestamp to show up right.

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  1. Phil Weber says:

    Cool! Can I create games in VB?

  2. Betsy says:

    Hmmm. I believe we are only C# for now. But man, look at my Cods Collide post. If I can use a weekend and pickup writing a 2D game in C# having never touched the language before, I suspect someone like you would have it nailed within a few hours.


    PS I have no idea why the date of this post is so messed up. I just posted it May 20.

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