Autumn’s here and so is the Women’s Conference

Yes it's been a month since I last blogged, thereby ruining my blogging new year's resolution. Some of that is Bioshock and Halo3-related, what can you do ? 🙂

On the bummer-to-say-goodbye-but-wish-them-well side:

Bubba Murarka who I got to work with briefly while in Live Search (his team took on QnA)

Ye Ol Fish Pirate Rory Blyth (now apparently the smartest man)

Erik Selberg, again someone I got to hang out with briefly in Live Search

On the hail-good-fellow-well-met  side, recently I've gotten to hang out more with:

Michael Klucher (Klucher brings the awesome to any XNA meeting)

Julien Ellie (we debate all things community all the time)

 Cyrus Kanga (he just submitted some of his killer photos to JPG Magazine - I hope they take them!)

This month will be a busy one but I hope to collect my thoughts to further continue Plucky Project Management posts (a couple ideas have been buzzing in my brain).  And Community Woo-Woo. If I don't do the woo-woo, really, who will?

I will also be on a panel at the Women's Conference so if you are an employee that gets to go - try not to heckle me. 🙂  I have had several ephiphanies at Microsoft's Women's Conference in the past so I am glad to give something back. In this case I will be telling them about Web 2.0 and community rather than how to power lunch and become a VP, which I think is smart all things considered. 🙂  Julien, Michael and Cyrus can tell you much about my teriyaki addiction....I don't think that counts as a power lunch!

Live it vivid!


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  1. Rory says:

    Hey! Since we only run into each other about once every 8,000 days, my quitting doesn’t actually put much distance between us. I’m still here, hanging out, getting all anxious about the usual stupid things… life hasn’t stopped 🙂

    As for Bioshock – I’m sooooo there. I think I had been waiting since Origin first put out System Shock about fifty years ago. It was ahead of its time – also ahead of my computer, as I had to play the game at friends’ houses (the old unofficial Origin motto was: Time to buy a new computer).

    Bioshock blew away my expectations. It also runs on my "computer" meaning I can even play it at home.

    But Halo 3? Meh. I tried. I really tried. I just couldn’t get into it. I feel like there’s something wrong with me.

    Also, I am the smartest man in the world! Google said so, and it’s right (this time).

    Anyway, I’ll accept your goodbye insofar as it refers to us working for the same company. Beyond that, a goodbye would be highly inappropriate.

    Your request for a real goodbye is denied 🙂

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