Blogher07 Summary, Fatblogging, and Rory is a Fish Pirate


I came home from Chicago absolutely knackered, as Eileen Brown would put it. The humidity and the time zone and the plane full of germs knocked the wind out of me. And then of course the inevitable post-trip-laundry-disorder sets in and you are buried in your own dirty socks. Fate worse than death.

It will probably be a while before Blogher's vibe really sinks in. My boss Dax asked me how the speaking went and I said, you know, I've presented on online community 3 times now and the panels have always been winners. In part because they included the Blogher founders or were pulled together by those guys - it's hard to suck on a panel with leading lights all around you to make you look good 🙂 . But more than that, people really want to hear about how to make online communities work - businesses want to know, because those communities are their present and future customers. Bloggers want to know, because they want an audience who listens and responds. And I think under it all there is that sense of human tribe that is hardwired into our brains. We want to believe we can make magic happen, get the party started right here.

Panels are easier for me because I share the spotlight; it's not me up on a podium trying to overcome the jitters of carrying the whole thing off by myself. And, I have loved telling Microsoft's story - that a grassroots employee blogging effort became this juggernaut that kept me from sleeping a lot in 2004 but also changed both the company and the public perception of that company.  See, we have a heart!

It's what I urged in Chicago - remember, it doesn't matter whether you are a corporation or a non-profit -you can have a community with heart, regardless. If of course, you decide to put your heart into it.

Fatblogging & other indoor sports

As a result of Blogher I got to read this book that I am sure all the cool kids read way before me as it has been out for some time:  I'm not the new me, by Wendy McClure. I laughed so hard on the plane home, my airplane seatmates tried to edge away. Jason Calcanis and the rest of the fatbloggers ought to read this. I mean, yes, its a book talking about a Web site that now has a Web site about the book. Just go read it. Then you too can be edged away from on long flights and eat potato chips and not care.

Rory is a Fish Pirate

ILet's face it 've linked to Jason Calcanis for no good reason other than fatblogging, might as well link to Rory because he's lost his mind and thinks he's pregnant. Plus David Minter made this awesome graphic which of course, makes about as much sense as me linking to Jason or Rory.

Live it vivid!


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