Getting to Blogher07, or, virtual reality vs. reality reality

Reading about how the Internet went down (well a key datacenter went out ) as my butt is parked in an airport, waiting for Chicago's weather to clear up, I am reminded how spoiled and how humbled us tech people can be by...well, real life.

I click my mouse and a magic window opens up.

I type in a box and my friend types back in seconds.

Ok, so I still don't have a magic coffee machine or a hovercraft.

But still, we live in a world where we can get so much new stimuli instantly, fast food, fast cars, fast women, fast men, fast fast fast brains in a vat fast. We get flabby  because we can't walk to work and we move nothing physical all day long but the mouse. Our brains speed up as the metabolism slows.

And then, on gray days like today, we realize that The Physical World Wins, and our instant source of data is vulernable, and maybe instead of getting on a treadmill we should go for a walk. Preferably to the nearest coffee shop, since they still can't send that to you via the Internet.

Hopefully I get to Chicago today. More later. Live it vivid!!

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