The difference one letter makes… Betsy goes from QnA to XNA…

I'm back from Merrie Olde England where I got a chance to hang out with a true Blog Queen - Eileen Brown, in the UK IT evangelism team . Last time I hung out with her in England, we were on our way to TechEd Amsterdam, and readying a blogging presentation together. This time was just for fun (though I got a sneak preview of her women in technology presentation which is going to bring the house down in TechEd Orlando soon. She's apparently going off to TechEd New Zealand too. Watch her sparkle, ladies and gents. 🙂

But I come back a new woman (with a new cough that fortunately will respond to medication and is not contagious) and to a new community mission. I've started work today on the Xbox XNA team, helping out with their community Web site and partnering in part with evangelist Dave Weller ( My new boss's name is Dax Hawkins which I feel has a true gamer character ring to it...

(cue deep male announcer voice)

"I work for DAX HAWKINS."

"I work for DUKE NUKEM."

"I work for WOLF BLITZER." (ok, he's a tv war correspondent, but you know what I mean)

Is it sad to leave the QnA community behind? Yes. There are folks there with big hearts who help others constantly and the MVP, Ron Chamberlin kicks serious butt. But the Silicon Valley team owns the running of QnA's tech stuff now, and by rights Linda Wu should get the glory and the virtual community tiara.

I don't know about you but I think it's cool that I get to pass the community banner on to women both times I've done it (Jana for Blogs, Linda for QnA). Women in technology can have problems being visible, period, but at least when you do community application work and are the face of the team, there's no mistaking who to send the hate/love mail too. 🙂

People who have followed this blog know I enjoy gaming and the gaming community is a frontier I haven't explored yet. Developer community, yes - but not the game contingent. This will be fun!

Live it vivid!!!


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  1. I am so happy that you are pleased with your new digs…I am really gonna miss you and although you are giving a well deserved pat on the back for our MVP and all his Ron-ness, lady you need one as well and a big hug!!!

    Best regards and many blessings as you move ahead!!!


  2. In the gaming world, most people don't recognize the name of " Betsy Aoki ". In the overall

  3. George says:

    Welcome aboard the XNA train Betsy! Glad to have a new Microsoft face in the XNA community, David was looking a little tired 😉

  4. JoelMartinez says:

    Alright!  Congrats on the move Betsy 🙂

  5. brandontyler says:

    Awesome!  I still am not quite sure what you will be doing but this has to be good for XBOX.

  6. paul says:

    Cool Job!

    I met the XNA Team at the GDC in San Francisco, their doing some amazing stuff.

  7. Dave Noderer says:

    Its about time you left, now maybe things will be taken care of properly!

  8. Dave Noderer says:

    Comment above was not from Dave Noderer!!

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