Some personal observations of SxSW….

This is the first conference I’ve been at where I didn’t end up seeing Robert Scoble + camera within 24 hours of it beginning (‘cause he’s everywhere!) but some of that’s alleviated by seeing him and Irina on Twitter.   (I’m one of the bazillion followers/friends 🙂  as befits my station.)


 It’s hard though because Scoble just posted something about how great Kathy Sierra’s keynote was – which I knew it would be – but I felt an obligation to see the tagging panel since I always love what Kathy says and the tagging one might present things I don’t agree with. Does that make sense?


(I still hope people taped or blogged about Kathy though – I hate to miss anything).


This is the first time I’ve spent my birthday at a conference. It’s also the first one where I haven’t fretted as much about all the secretly cool parties I’m not invited to. They will just have to get drunk and worship the porcelain fixtures without me. J  Maybe that’s what getting odder and wiser is all about; being more choosy about who might upchuck in your cab.


(One thing that’s odd:  South by Southwest is a “design-y” conference – there’s a lot here about making the user experience grand as well as social networking stuff (online and offline). So then why is the Austin convention center so damn hard to navigate? 


To get to a panel I had to go from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor because the easiest way to get to the 4th floor is on the escalators that go only to the 4th floor from the 1st floor. Get that? Get down to go up, which should be a boogie tune instead of how to see panels at a conference you dig, you dig?)


The World Domination women and I were almost  late to our panel – despite being in the green room an hour early – because of this usability issue (our guide wasn’t aware of the dance we’d have to do to get there.). That was when I heard the key quote of the day, from an Austin-based attendee who was going our way.


She said: “This is Austin, we do weird well.”


Live it vivid!


 Update March 11, 2007: Here's the Kathy Sierra keynote:

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