The Funny QnA Valentine

Krista Wall led the way to send the Live QnA-ers a Valentine ...and they loved it.  (Those little hearts take you to actual QnA questions; Krista spent a ton of time prepping this.)

Online community work is always so full of these ups and downs. There are moments when frankly, your customers drive you up a tree (the number of "he-says-she-says" complaints can be daunting), and then too,  there are some days when the energy becomes something even more than just a bunch of people bobbing around a Web site, and you know why you do this kind of work.

As folks who follow this blog know, I wrote a valentine for the Gotdotnet community long ago, in order to analyze a bit of why inexplicably the community attached itself to this aging developer Web site that then was in dire need of rejuvenation. Live QnA, as a site not even out of beta, has a ways to go both in how the community matures (what's the karma going to be?) and bettering the features. A few years later, now I wonder if maybe the inexplicable regard isn't so inexplicable. If the team from Microsoft comes out, crazy as they are, and plants their heart in the community...maybe it's just inevitable something grows out of that. It doesn't have to be a huge site, or fancy. Just meant sincerely.

We have an MVP now, Ron Chamberlin, who is also putting his heart into the Live QnA community. Thanks Ron! Hope to see you at the MVP Summit next month!

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  1. Hi Betsy….I have been doing some dabbling and guess what…here I am!!!

    I just wanted to say a big HELLO!!!  Also, I have enjoyed Ron’s assistance with a few things and hope that Taiwan issue turns out to be nothing.

    I would love to get more involved such as Ron has been doing…but for now I am just having too much fun!!!

    I really appreciate the Valentine and know what Krista must have put herself through finding all those users.  I have a bit of web design experience in the form of cheating with Frontpage 2003 and some other program that starts with a "D"….

    I have to redo my real estate site as it is just way too old, outdated, busy, and a few other things that don’t come to mind right now.  I also have to get into my other profession as a minister and do what I need to in that regard.

    Just for kicks I will give you a link to my real estate site rather than teasing you and making you search me out!!!  

    FYI…maybe I am not supposed to find you here or maybe I am…(Just in case you don’t want the "whole world" over here…)  I will keep your special place a quiet place like the funny farm where things are beautiful all the time…M&M’s optional…

    Just a little woo-woo back atcha all and please pass it along to all the Team!!!


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