What it’s like to work for MSN Search?

Well, it's different.

First, the parking garage I park in looks EXACTLY like the parking garages in  the old Duke Nukem. Remember that gray cement and Big Freakin' Fans? And stairwells? I'm hunting for the closet where they keep the digital rocket launchers.

Second, there was a long debate about what to do with a live squirrel someone had captured. (I believe it was released into the wild..) At Microsoft.com, we had visiting geese and ducks and even a bunny wander up to the front doors of the building, but no one as they say, bagged any game. Third, there are emails like these....(reprinted with permission of the author) 

From: Michael Foster
Sent: Friday, April 21, 2006 9:21 AM
To: MSN Search Social Announcements
Subject: Tomorrow is Earth Day

 Instant Answer

 Things you can do every day

 History of Earth Day

 Earth Day quiz for kids

 Hug your planet!

 (Only in search would an email consist entirely of URL’s) J

 Michael A. Foster

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  1. bob says:

    Hi there Betsy 🙂

    love the insight you provide into Microsoft and what working there is like.

    I am considering an offer from the MSN Mobile Search group and was wondering if anyone form that group has a blog that you were aware of?

    Im also interestedin figuring out what relationship that group has to MSN search and the mobile devices group.


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