I leave for a week and what happens?

I get some much-needed sleep and sun.  Google answers goes kaput. A moment of silence in respect for those guys’ efforts and early-to-market presence. Seattle gets buried in snow. Buried meaning any amount of it; we can’t take it, we can’t drive in it, and the whining starts forthwith. My whine was actually the angst…


Hopefully the repairs are over

Telligent was doing some fixes tonight and I need to get some important info out (this post is not it).  Testing….


Blog Business Summit – highlights

These notes are late. Mostly because I’ve spent too much of my weekend working to catchup on what I missed while at the blog summit.  And also, as mentioned below, I’m not working hard enough to become an A lister. 🙂 ————- Well, the first thing to note I was apprised of was: I Suck. That’s…


Taste of the blog summit

Mostly, the summit tasted like coffee and tiramisu. No, really. The morning sessions – which were all I got to see after a work issue on QnA called me back to the office – were all trying to wake up and get coffee in the veins. Then it was work work work until dinner time…


Making the blogosphere fizz a bit, or, Betsy’s Blogger bath bombs ™

So, I’m going to the Blog Business Summit. I’m really excited as mentioned before. First of all, when I do panel presentations, I tend not to have the same queasy sensations I do when I have to speak on my own. Co-presenting is the same way; I really don’t want to hurl my cookies in…


The antidote to technical stress: making bath bombs

My friends and coworkers at Live Search have been seeing the results of my latest non-work mania – which is to make bath fizzes, otherwise known as ‘bath bombs.’ (If you are too geeky, manly or allergic to keep reading about making your own bath products, leave now. Of course, you will miss out on…


Betsy at the Blog Business Summit!

They’ve got a stellar lineup at the Blog Business Summit in Seattle at the Bell Harbor Conference Center this year, and I’m tickled pink to be part of it for these panel sessions: Oct 26 11:30 Building Communities online 3:15 – Corporate blogging policy 4:30 – Microsoft and Social Media: Lessons learned from MSDN Community Blogs and…


The story behind Betsy’s QnA gadget, or, if I can do it – you can do it

Writing a gadget was an ….interesting experience for me. And though I have legions of people to thank for helping when I got stuck, I did indeed write it myself…. It all began months ago, in May, when I was alone in a stark and industrial room with two shady characters….I mean coworkers….and the blinds…


Win prizes with MSN Search

I took today off to get some well-deserved sleep, launch decompression, and chick time. Not being able to stay away from the Internet though,  I tripped upon this…an exuberantly odd little campaign our mktg team  apparently put together to have a little fun with MSN Search… !! ….check out www.infomercialmadness.com to see what I mean (and enter to…