Something about mice and men

..ok, so I went to this great event last night with Microsoft MVPs prior to the MVP summit. It was sponsored by our team, the brainchild of Korby Parnell, and affectionately called the Gotdotnet Codeslam. (Think poetry slams and Mike Meyer and you get the idea). CodeGallery was the featured application and we showed it off a bunch and said, hey everyone, use it.

Unfortunately, though I saw a lot of cool things happen, the red wine and the amazing Cajun food carb-stupified me. Then, Korby waved his magic wand of eloquence and I was told to remember only that I met MVPs, we showed them cool stuff, and it was cool.

Oh yes, and something about Microsoft wireless mice I didn't get.

When I woke up in my office after 3 cups of coffee, it not only was NOT all a dream, but there is some sort of orange beanbag contraption here and Korby is nowhere to be found.

Really Senator, I don't remember....

A big shout out to Mitch Denny, Troy McGinnis, Darren Neimke, Angus Logan, and the oodles of Aussies that came out for the event that I initially met in Oz and got to see again . To Daniel from Clarion Consulting in Argentina who had to hear me rave like a loon about blog technologies, thanks for your patience. Also to Maryam Scoble who organized the logistics of feeding and beveraging and checking us in and making sure people had rides home.

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    I was hiding out, convalescing on my beanbag the entire day. Those MVPs wore me out.

    For the record, I intended to say, ‘Microsoft nice’ but "Microsoft mice" came out instead.

  2. Tatham Oddie says:

    It’s Magennis not McGinnis but you were close… 😉

  3. Hey Betsy – it was great to see you at the CodeSlam! Now I know what you do at Microsoft on top of blogging!

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