My Last TechEd Australia Blog Post

Well things are winding down, down here, and I feel the need to cover some loose ends.

First, the matter of the Cabana Talk. Frank and I spoke to about 40 people. When we began we asked what people wanted - the hosting engine, the content delivery mechanisms  ( Smart Components), or how to promote your blog. Most people did not have blogs and wanted to know more about the tech so I gave the acccelerated runthrough of that, with promotion at the end.

However, the questions at the end were more about how to get started blogging. One I particularly remember was a fellow who worked in a day care system and they wanted to get their employees to blog more - maybe tips and tricks, stories about the kids, etc. We suggested MSN Spaces as a way to get the less-technical blogging - and then another fellow who had his kids in daycare explained how HIS daycare did it.

The main reason of course to come to the cabana session was not to hear us talk about blogging of course, but to see Frank Arrigo's shirt. There is a whole story behind this shirt It essentialy ends happily - Frank is much poorer but gets his shirt back - but it's hard to know WHY someone would be so compelled to buy their own shirt back from eBay unless you could see it.

Here's a better look.

I had extreme envy.

The Cabana Talk was yesterday. This morning the Channel 9 Guy and I walked on the beach. It was not romantic by any means. We travel platonically.

I had the chance to give away about 50 Channel 9 guys at the podcasting cabana session this afternoon and Michael Kleef was my savior in this regard. He had the swag- ability - managed to toss about 30 people a 9 Guy and hold forth on podcasting too. We finished early but since we were a rather adhoc session added on late, and we were right before lunch, I think we did the wisest thing.

Not that Charles Sterling (Chuck) is a slouch either. To wake me up this morning at about 10 am he made me run through the Smart Client vs. Web session - he was Smart Client I was Web - and we tossed out the gotdotnet t-shirts. I'm not sure what we proved - GDN DOES use both Smart Client and Web technologies to some extent...but  we got out a bit of steam.

This is my last post from TechEd Australia - need to check on some logistics and make sure things are ready for me to leave the Gold Coast.

Live it vivid!

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  3. Eric says:

    "This morning the Channel 9 Guy and I walked on the beach. It was not romantic by any means. We travel platonically."

    🙂 Slay me. Watch out for Ch. 9 Guy. He is a major playah.

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  5. I love all things from the guys at Channel9 (over at MSDN).&amp;nbsp; I also enjoy the zany adventure that…

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