First Day of TechEd with the Channel 9 guy

The Channel 9 guy that went with me to Amsterdam has been continuing his adventures. He has not gone missing as he did in Amsterdam,but I've seen him eye the casino in the hotel near the convention centre.

He sat with me for moral support as I set up a table in the booth area that said "Ask me about blogging."

Strategically I put it near the lunch line and got several inquiries. One person took notes on what a blog was. Others had questions about podcasting and how Microsoft is using its blogs in doing its business. One fellow wanted to steal my Channel 9 guy!  I told him to come to my podcasting session and he'd get the chance to get his very own.

The podcast crew for this event corralled me later in the day -and if I remember correctly,  the emcee Dr. Neil Roodyn - had his own Ch9 guy that he was given personally by Robert Scoble. Robert, people remember when you give them one personally. 🙂

The 9 Guy and I  went out with the speakers last night and ended up near the beer.

I dunno, somehow everyone wants to feed the 9 Guy beer....

There were speakers far as the eye can see.

That tiny tiny blue blob in the middle background is Chuck Sterling...


Today, we do the Power of Blogging preso again in Cabana B. And tomorrow, the podcasting basics with my duffle bag of 9 guys.

Live it vivid!

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  1. phone card says:

    Oh beer! I envy you!

  2. Mitch Denny says:

    Hi Betsy,

    It was great to meet you – lets keep in touch!

  3. Roger says:

    Your right, I was pretty keen to get a 9 guy – but I couldn’t steal it once I found out how much it mean to you 🙂

    Thanks for the talk on podcasting, and more importantly for the 9 guy!

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