TechEd NZ begins, world topsy turvy

So just to get this out of the way - yes, the New Zealand All-Blacks won over South Africa this weekend and you'd think it was the Red Sox beating the Yankees. (apparently it was - who am I to argue with 800-lb rugby bruisers 🙂 )  I was conked out asleep after a day at Waitomo caves and Maori enclaves -the jetlag made me miss all drunken revelry. However the streets were cleaner than Boston after the Red Sox, so draw what you will from that. 🙂

I learned that TechED NZ (or "TechEd En-Zed" as they say over here) was oversold 5 weeks prior. That is, despite being a relatively small country, their TechEd maxes out every year. THe venue we are in - is the largest in the country - and this morning at breakfast I saw how it splits at the seams a bit.

They really like their Microsoft technologies here. 🙂

Later today I have my dev blogging breakout session. Curiously, I'm not as terrified as I was in Amsterdam. Part of it is, the Student Day presentation is largely a condense, accelerated version of the dev track session. It's smaller than the Student Day audience venue so less people straight up. And also I'm realizing that aside from one arch slide I always look at my notes for, to get precisely right, this is a deck I know like an evil nemesis.

A timeout for a global shoutout

--It's very distressing to see New Orleans under storm threat. Having lived through Hurricane Andrew (and having to stick around in the path as a reporter) big shoutout to the folks both in the city and leaving the city. Hang in there, you never know exactly which way a storm will go.Times like these make you really understand how little your possessions mean and how much the people you love matter. Taping my windows shut and shoving all my crap into a closet to leave for the newsroom in West Palm Beach was a valuable exercise - no matter how much technology lust I have, I can walk from it all cause at the end of the day, it's the people.

My best to you New Orleans and surrounding areas - be careful.



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