The Channel 9 Guy Goes to Europe

Well, the Channel 9 Guy pestered me enough after seeing my last post that now I have to indulge his whims.He's been a constant travel companion - quiet, amiable, sinister, and spongy.

Because beginnings are always important times, you see here the Channel 9 Guy at Seatac (Seattle Tacoma International Airport)


Here the dude ponders the ancient ruins in his ineffable way.

Silbury Hill - another ancient mystery for the 9 Guy to ponder.


Grooving to Basement Jaxx at the Microsoft UK party with Channel 9 Guy.


The Channel 9 Guy kicks back viewing the canals of Amsterdam.


The Channel 9 Guy with his new best pal, Ingo Rammer.


Clemens and Pierre teach the 9 Guy about Guinness.


Clemens offers Channel 9 guy his first taste of Guinness. I was assured by the 9 Guy that the Guinness in Amsterdam is far better than the Guinness he gets while drinking out in Redmond.


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  1. Michiel says:

    Hmmmm… Drinking Guinness in Amsterdam is kind of the same as drinking Heineken in Redmond. I never got any better Guinness like the one in Dublin (Grafton Plaza Hotel, which has a great pub/club connected to it).

    Try some local beers, or Belgium ones, like Leffe, Duvel (if you like a challenge, as this one is strong), Westmalle Dubbel (brown) or Trippel (blonde); there are 10’s of different beers you could order in a good pub… (100’s in speciality pubs).

  2. Please say Hello to Pierre on my behalf. I would have loved to empty one or two of those pints with you. May be next time. Cheers!

  3. mscomts says:

    Channel 9 Guy rules! I wanna party with that dude.

    – Eric

  4. Beth Goza says:

    Next time take me – I can be spongy and amiable too! Hope you are having a great time – stay safe and come home to Redmond soon 🙂

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