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Attention American comrades.

You want to know what the most embarassing thing you can endure for your country?

Sit around with a bunch of folks from Europe - including the likes of Clemens Vasters, Christian Weyer, and Ingo Rammer as they discuss how lame Epcot (at DisneyWorld in Orlando). Oh yeah, and I took the Channel 9 guy - but the adventures of the Channel 9 guy in Europe is going to be another post entirely.

Yesterday was the all-day regional director powwow which I was privileged to attend in the afternoon with Korby Parnell. It ended up as these things always do - a short boat ride and a long pub crawl - thanks to Jennifer Ritz and Kevin Schuler's organizational skills.

The guys - besides introducing me to the wonders of Old World Guinness - were kind enough to let me into their world of constant presentations and humorous side notes about them. I did not kiss up to him at the time, but later I thought - damn, that's Clemens, the guy who did dasBlog! To be honest, the only way I'd impress Clemens is to suddenly speak fluent German, and I don't, but I at least didn't run screaming from the mocking re: Americanness. I hate Epcot myself. 😛

The lads were bitter about Gotdotnet too, I am afraid. They were cordial and appreciated the efforts to fix it. They hated the old CodeZone search model so Doug Seven - who they ALL knew - and they all knew him as a wild man - AND agreed when I said he looked like a pirate! - anyway Doug, you are on the right track.The GDN team is on the right track too, but it's going to be an uphill battle of course. Which we kinda knew.

The other person whose ears should be burning is Scott Hanselman. Scott, Clemens said that if you didn't know it about an application, no one did. And we saluted your fortitude and your health.These RDs give you the props as do I.


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  1. Fred Pullen says:

    I grew up in Miami, and visited Disney World and EPCOT many times while growing up. I also visited over thirty countries before I was eighteen, so I do have some sense of perspective here.

    EPCOT was originally a great idea, the "Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow." Except something got lost in the translation, so half of it’s mildly techie, the other half mildly cultural.

    IMHO, nobody from another country should consider visiting EPCOT. Why bother? They’ve probably seen the real thing, or a better approximation. But for Americans who are mildly xenophobic–which is more than we’d care to admit–it’s a good introduction to about a dozen other cultures, neatly packaged and safe for the kids.

    If you ever find yourself in a similar situation with overseas colleagues, pitch it that way. Europeans almost universally agree that Americans are provincial, xenophobic people, a concept EPCOT may reinforce. But it serves a purpose.

    Anything that helps people understand each other is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. It’s important to teach people that other cultures do have something good to offer, even if that "something good" merely consists of overpriced sweets in the EPCOT gift shop. Maybe that’ll be enough enticement to visit the actual countries, at which point they may realize there’s more to culture than animatronic singing bears.

  2. This weekend I went to a barbecue at Eric Ewing’s. Eric and Bruce do this annual get together at their…

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