Betsy Blogs World Tour – Chapter 3

Well Eileen and I made it to Amsterdam in one piece – even after the revels that was the Microsoft UK company summer party. Shoutout to my boss Sandy Khaund – I am having serious party coolness envy!

They had Madness, Basement Jaxx and Norman Jay MBE perform live from 6 pm to 1 a.m. in this huge circus tent.

Madness in concert


Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx

The food involved things like paella, raw oysters, all manner of seafood dishes, Thai noodles, and just one long side of the room filled with protein items that would make Atkins rise from his grave. The Plymouthgin gave my beloved Bombay Sapphire quite the run for its money and I tried kir for the first time.

Surely we can do something for Gotdotnet’s birthday in November?

So it’s with a resolve to tone it down for a few days that I come to Amsterdam – perhaps not what most people do, but I DO have a breakout session to give on Wednesday. I’m starting to get used to the time change so I hope after some drilling in my hotel room you’ll see the best Betsy on her game. Or at least not mumbling so bad. As we all know, public speaking terrifies me, but that doesn’t mean you will not get a good show. And folks should not hesitate – there are not many people at this conference specifically here to answer your questions about blogging, so bring it on!

What I'm covering at TechEd breakout session on blogging, roughly:

  • Microsoft's blogging history
  • The software we've used to host employee blogs
  • Overview of Community Server
  • Lessons Learned - from coding and from migration
  • Overview of Smart Components
  • Lessons Learned
  • How it all fits together

The Chalk and Talk Eileen and I are doing will be more "Scoble-like" in evangelizing blogging and how you can get the most fun and profit out of your blog.

I’m realizing there’s one birds of a feather related to my and Eileen’s topic that I hope to attend Tuesday, but otherwise we are pretty much dominating the blogging topic. You’ll likely see me in these three locations: the Community Lounge with a big “Ask Me About Gotdotnet” button, the MSDN booth where I hear my shirts might have been shipped, and running around after Korby Parnell, who should be in Amsterdamtoday sometime and who has some product manager type goals for me I am sure.

The TechEd organizers are lovely patient people.. The speaker shirt is maroon. I will be wearing that Wednesday only – other than that you’ll see me in Microsoft blue Oxford with black pants. Tall Eurasian girl with bags under her eyes, waving her hands around, looking for lattes in all the wrong places.

Live it vivid!

PS this post was edited a few hours later to include photos and improve markup.

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