Betsy Blogs World Tour : chapter one

Well, Eileen Brown came and rescued me at Heathrow. It was touch and go whether I'd arrive -the American Airlines connection in Chicago was late, AND they told me the wrong gate, so I arrived at the British Airways terminal minutes before takeover. Gin and tonic promptly followed, nerves settled, and I took Eileen's previous advice of taking an antihistamine to ensure sleep.

When I arrived in London at about noon UK time,  it was overcast and gray. Determined I should get my bearings (and not fall asleep too soon) Eileen gave me the whirlwind tour of Stonehenge, the standing stones of Avebury, and two amazing pubs. The first day is just to get you settled in the circadian rhythms - she put up with my exhausted babbling-without-thinking with great fortitude.

As I write this I am about to meet up with the UK staff here interested in blogging, and then speak to a User Group on blogging. I'm impressed that even as we go into a holiday week in the States, my inbox is still creaking dangerously close to being shut down by the IT police back in Redmond. A big shoutout to Pete Coupland, who is manning the Gotdotnet guns, and to the GDN team who kicked serious butt these past 6 months to make it "GotMuchBetter" (as I read in one message board post).


Live it vivid!


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