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So this one will be short, mostly because there's a lot on my plate tomorrow and it's been a long day, but we had the 6th? Drinking about Community and I touched base with Josh Ledgard about tagging.

His ideas are sound - enable Community Server to put tags in RSS feeds based on blogger-selected category (so you'd create a RSS feed called "foo" and the RSS feed itself would be tagged as a "foo" kind of post in the feed) and then we'd try to make the blog portal or some other mechanism pick up these tags and assist users in finding these posts. Alex Barnett and Gretchen L. also joined in the discussion of taxonomies and how you find stuff. This is one Jana Carter and I will have to talk about and she may likely play more of a starring role than I. But if we can get these tags made, we might be able to help out the Webcasts team and some other folks, based on this OTHER meeting we had.

Josh wisely insisted that I have more beer before we talked about anything regarding blogging. 🙂  As you can tell, I'm in a much more mellow mood about his suggestions.

What really helped though honestly was just going out with smart community folks and while talking about work, not actually working. And hanging with bloggers without it being "can you do this? can you do that?" The social computing symposium was also cool for this reason - just the chance to absorb brainwaves and bounce thoughts off people.

We are coming to the end of the fiscal year for Microsoft. July 1 is the new wave. The new Ops and Test Mogul, Pete Coupland, joins the GDN team this week and will be taking the burden of live site uptime and GDN lab workings  from me. 🙂  New projects lie in story, the new budget begins, and I might even sleep more this time around.

Can't wait.:)

And Josh, you will get something new on the blogs. For sure.

Live it vivid!

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    Dan Gillmor once wrote,

    "Journalists: We will learn we are part of something new, that our readers/listeners/viewers are becoming part of the process. I take it for granted, for example, that my readers know more than I do — and this is a liberating, not threatening, fact of journalistic life. Every reporter on every beat should embrace this." [http://www.siliconvalley.com/mld/siliconvalley/business/columnists/dan_gillmor/9294934.htm]

    I think that it would be cool to provide bloggers with the ability to toggle between unilateral tagging and collaborative tagging modes.

    In this post, you mention the Social Computing Symposium. Let’s say that I happen to know that the "group tag" for this event is "SCS2005", which it is on Technorati and Flickr, but you either don’t know that or forget to tag your post with it. As a reader, I can help many other potential readers (call them the ‘Effects and Aftermath of the SCS’ researchers) find your post.

    Collaborative tagging is not much different from comments; they are both forms of reader-contributed content. The primary difference is that comments add contextual value and tags add discoverability value.

    Food for thought. Awesome post title! 🙂

  2. kaoki says:

    Excellent request to include mac users to your blogworld. This one is entered with Safari 1.3. Been thinking about xmas plan – I could do it.


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