Turn of the tide

So 2004 winds to a close. The devastation in Indonesia and Thailand beggars description (despite all the news commentators, who still find ways to talk about something that just leaves me speechless). Advances and retreats in medicine are announced every day. I'm trying to do one of those "sum up" blog posts and I really can't. Microsoft's pace (up until the beauty of the holiday weeks, when no one is here) has been such that it's been hard to remember what I did the week before, never mind 52 weeks ago.

My world has changed - from site management to program management, which at first glance seems more like a subtle change (since I have the same projects) but the more I do this job, the more I realize how different it is becoming. The blogs of Microsoft have taken off like a rocket, giving us more chance to put our foot in our mouths but also more chance to hear what other people think. Workspaces bugfixes are getting nailed one by one. The flow of haiku has mercifully stopped, but you know those Gotdotnet developers - they'll give me the haiku again if they think I am slacking. 🙂

It's going to be a dead run from Jan. 1st  on, I can tell from here. And yes, those VB articles will show up soon, and then you can mock me for my audacity.  2005 promises to deliver great things. But if there is anything that 2004 taught me, it is that together and only together do we turn the tide.

Best to you and yours this holiday season. Live it vivid!

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  1. Hi All,

    It is very kind of you people to donate for the tsunami victims but I would like to urge you to consider this.

    Please do not donate to American Government aided relief funds (I don’t know specific names here). The reason I urge you to comply with this is that historically American government aided funds are driven by American political reason like in the Indian Ocean currently. American government historically enters areas which are inaccessible at other times with its submarines under the pretext of transportation of goods and takes away the national liberties of the nation making a nation dependent on US. This in turn means that a common American citizen pays for it and the big business benefit from it.

    We don’t want a world with dependent nations but a world with empowered nations who can protect the democracy of the land and also provide inputs to the world.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mitesh Dasani

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