Shout-out to Phil in Portland, and no I’m not really working on Labor Day

I've been lucky enough in my lifetime to have people come up and say, "Hey, nice job Betsy!" or "that poem you just read at Bumbershoot rocked!" or even that highest of accolades,  "Nice blog!"

But I really never had a fan club until Phil Weber, an MVP from Portland, decided to start one. I have to admit, the whole idea weirded me out, and when Phil offered to meet me for coffee last week (he's consulting up here) I dragged Ace Bodyguard and Canadian Pimpdaddy Duncan Mackenzie along as geek protection. Plus, I felt that Duncan is more interesting than I am, as a content strategist for MSDN and having been a consultant himself. Duncan actually had met Phil before, so at the very least it wouldn't be like one of those awkward first date scenarios where everyone stares at their latte like it contains ancient forecasting runes. Or, conversely, one of those hideous geek smackdowns, where to get over their nervousness everyone tries to impress the other one via namedropping, project boasting, or acronym blather (I happen to LOSE  these smackdowns quite often by the way, so I know they exist 😀  ).

Phil turned out to be quite normal (if anyone in this business can be considered normal, that goes double for consultants) and I realized he works with Scott Hanselman, a guy I met at the Portland Nerd Dinner a bunch of us road-tripped to. Scott stuck out in my mind because he was so freakin' dapper -  the only guy in the food court with a full business suit on.

To be honest I can't remember what we all chatted about (and it wasn't clear if this was "off the blog" conversation or not, which I try to respect) but as usual, I was focused on my own neuroses:  this poor guy has to be completely underwhelmed at meeting me in the flesh! I have no charisma! I'm wearing my glasses and cranky about my next few meetings besides!

Ah, how the mighty fall over Microsoft cafeteria food. Idols with feet of clay and stir fry cooling....Thanks for being gracious Phil. 🙂 I won't be offended if you decide to be a fan of Rebecca Dias  instead.

Everyone else who contacts me about my blog unexpectedly tend to be folks who know me in other contexts - school, previous jobs, reporting internships, etc.. I ran into someone hadn't seen in a while at a bookstore today; he had been recently reminded of me because he'd  found my blog. He's working with some friends on a new video game - he gets to write some of the docs for it, lucky stiff! - and we chatted about how we never get to write much. That's the common pastime of writers - sharing notes on how little writing you have time to do. 😛

This week I won't be writing much because I have a women's conference to go to (Microsoft sponsors one every year and I'm pretty stoked I was able to sign up) and of course, once you block out some time, it means everything else gets compressed to black hole density. That's why I'm (not!) working on Labor Day. I'm blogging. 🙂

Live it vivid, people!



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  1. Eric says:

    Man, a fan club. That is HUGE! I wish I was that cool. I guess I better get to writing.

    😮 Eric

  2. Betsy, I’ve been waiting for your report on the women’s conference. What happened, did it live up to expectations? Anything to disabuse me of my cynicism? (sortof kidding)

  3. Poor Betsy Aoki: I think my Betsy Fan Club initiative creeped her out. All I meant was that I thoroughly enjoy her online persona — it’s a breath of fresh air among the mostly humorless blogs to which I subscribe…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Phil Weber Trackback

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