Bad blogger, no biscuit (high protein, Atkins that is)

I sit here typing, typing, with my cafeteria-bought chicken and broccoli/beans combo. I have had to repent of my bad girl  ice cream ways (at least until the Long Weekend) and be good about my health regimen.

The traditional food of code warriors: pizza and beer. (or in my case, the site manager alternative: red wine and Chinese food). But you can't sit on your butt with Visual Studio open and eat carbs forever...well okay, you can have coffee, but my point is....this was the year of reckoning for me. My metabolism finally explained that if I wanted something to happen, I'd have to make it happen myself.

So I now go with a friend to a personal trainer, who trains people for bodybuilding competitions. (Neither she or I intend to compete, but we are surrounded in the morning by people who do). And this is a good thing, because I made a sort of "fiscal-new-year's resolution" that I was going to get more into the underware of the Web site, learn more about VB.NET and XML through taking classes. Which means more sitting on butt. I want my brain to get big. I want my body to get lean and mean. And I want to keep my sanity. Is that so much to ask?

Meanwhile, we work with the mscom team on getting Smart Components 2.0 onto the MSDN Web site. It's interesting to me because my pal George and I are now working to meld our pm-styles and find a project plan method that works for all of us. I have actually had the privilege at one time of working with the guy who developed the PMBOK (PMI's manual for project managers) and for a small company that dealt in project management software. I told him I was a rebel pm - I only want to use as much system as is really needed to run the project, and not more. I use Microsoft Project and Excel as my favorites - have used Project Server before. I see myself more as a release manager to George's om role - I'm just the RM for MSDN. We'll be meeting today to finalize the schedule.

Many tech people are leaving this week for Burning Man, MSDN pals included. It's just too hot for me to fathom ever going, as much as I love the idea of an ecologically-responsible, temporary arts community. I get so evil in the heat. I need something like "DrowningMan" - arts community by the ocean, or "FrozenDude" snowboarding arts community at Whistler.

Gotdotnet Workspaces upgrade continues....Andy is doing more fixes as we find them, but already people have commented how the speed is much better than before. Someday I'm going to blog about why I love Gotdotnet. She drives me to gin on occasion, but what an amazing site she has been and continues to be. Channel9 runs under the same crazy spark.

Live it vivid people!



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  1. Phil Weber says:

    The traditional food of code warriors:

    > pizza and beer.

    True story: I was recently completing security paperwork in order to gain VPN access to a client’s system, and it included the following password hint question: "Besides pizza, what is your favorite food?" 🙂

    P.S. — I’ll be in Redmond this Thursday. Drop me a line if you’d like to meet over a low-carb snack.

  2. Andy says:

    I’m doing the cr@pkins thing too. I hate it, I run three miles a night but my age must be catching up to me because it’s getting harder and harder to keep the lbs off. Cr@pkins works for me but I hate the food. I’d kill for a deep dish right now.

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