Battening down the hatches and raising the ice cream bars

Well, it's been another wacky week here at MSDN. Not to mention too darn hot. Have I mentioned that my brain melts in the heat? Thought so.

One of the things I had to adjust to at Microsoft was the thing called an "OOF" mail, or the "out of office" autoreply that Outlook does so well and always seems to crop up when I most need something from a colleague. The sunny dog days of August mean that more and more people are taking vacations and those of us not scheduled for said reprieve will send email requests blithely and get that "OOF" feeling in our stomachs when we realize our needed colleague is on the beach in Bermuda and doesn't give a flying fig about our stats reports.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. It's too dang hot in Bermuda.

We started something on that people have already blogged about, but as community site manager I feel compelled to call out: comment moderation. This is where people who were cheerfully hoping to do evil upon the forces of good blogging at submit their comment form and....nothing happens. No corruption of Google love. No weird irate comments posted when an overworked Microsoftie can't get to it. Not all of our bloggers are opting to have moderation turned on, but I'm personally trying it out. Just to see what happens.

I don't get tons of spam because I'm not that high-profile, but I already had one "take a survey I'm a grad student request" comment post I am pondering the merits of, mostly because morally and ethically it's not much different than Google love spamming, though I know well that grad students have no marketing budget. If it really is a grad student. Sad that the Internet has come to such a pass that I have to investigate whether its really a grad student or a Minion of Evil.

The reason I would turn moderation off is because I'm really not that interested in censoring folks and I'd like to make it as easy as possible for people to tell me to take a flying leap or sing my praises as they see fit. I know bloggers who have had hundreds of spam posts though, and the only way to impress spammers you don't like them is to not let them do it  Send me your comments on this topic, and I promise to moderate each one. 😀

The other thing weighing upon my soggy, overheated brain is the Smart Components 2.0, which the folks in the mscom community kitchen already  blogged about. MSDN is sort of the rebel of in certain ways, and getting the components to work for us presents challenges that most mere mortals don't want to face without the propsects of chocolate, large bottles of single malt Scotch, cigars, and a cruise ship to Bermuda on the horizon. Not that I'm bitter or anything. And the program manager for Smart Components, George B., definitely deserves a cruise along with the rest of us. Probably more so, since he has to deal with me. 😀

That's why I hail the Microsoft cafeteria for providing the well-rounded, high-carb dietary supplements needed in these dark times of stress known as the Tollhouse Ice Cream Sandwich. No, this is not on my diet. No, this is not part of my strength training program.

Mostly, this keeps me sedated....much as when I was a youngster and someone would say: if you behave yourself all through this horrible grownup excursion to the tire store, you will get an ice cream. Except now I am taking charge of my inner child myself and saying: all you have to do is get through this Excel chart of doom and you will get this nifty ice cream treat from the cafeteria. Who needs corporate mind control when ice cream is provided?

Pray for rain people. 🙂 The blogs will get better then, I promise.

PS Big thank you to Chris Sells for giving my mom a nifty poster. She was very touched.

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  1. AIM48 says:

    Perhaps an idea.

    MSDN could set up a group of "Post approvers". These would be a group of "trusted" well known (not necesserally microsoft employees) people who would be able to log on at any time of the day and approve any post that is waiting (similiar to the moderation system on the ASP.Net forums)

    However only the blog author would be able to delete a pending post. The approvers would just ignore (or perhaps mark as questionable) a bad post.

    Perhaps a scoring system would intice the approvers to do more work etc…

    The advantages: For one – you have a trusted human looking over a post before it is posted. Also since you have a large froup of approvers posts will be approved at all times of the day (and night). Another thing is that people will not be able to claim that there is whole sale censoring because any of the approvers can approve it.

  2. Andy says:

    Or maybe we could get commander Vimes to put his crack squad of guards from AnkMorpork on the job and they could go after the spammers.

  3. William Luu says:

    Well, if you want rain, how about performing a rain dance? I’m sure it’ll entice the rain to come, sooner rather than later 🙂
    <br>There was a tv commercial over here in Melbourne, Australia with the following: &quot;rain rain, don’t go away, please come back everyday&quot;… It was an advertising the fact that we haven’t had much rain lately so there was a bit of a water shortage.

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