Called on the carpet

You'd think perhaps the big buzz going around MSDN would be all our fabulous technology. You know, Longhorn. The latest developments in Whidbey. All that.

I'm here to tell you that in the halls of our building, there is a truly Big Buzz. A buzz about how the earth moves under our feet. And moves in these dare-we-say-hideous patterns of corporate patchwork that are too deep for us to understand...Welcome to the new MSDN carpet!

The sandal toes are Josephine's. The Big Boots across from the camera are likely Kevin Ledley's and the other one I'm pretty sure was Laura John, although if I'm wrong about the mystery feet please correct me. I took this photo in a hurry last week as the shock was wearing off.


Another thing I felt photographically important last week was the design of the t-shirt I got from the ever-more-famous Channel 9 folks during their bowling evening, featuring Vic Gundota, bowling mastermind. I represent it here for your amusement.

The Channel 9 folks  also gave me this bowling doll which went above and beyond goofy. He reminds me of a rather bleached Elvis doll repurposed. Note the amazing push-button, arm-swinging action. I keep feeling that is a metaphor for working here, but I refuse to wear my hair like his.


There's no graceful way to recover from that,  is there? More later!


Comments (7)

  1. Hey you know if you paint the hair on the bowling figure blonde- It kind of reminds me of this guy.

    But probably the reason the carpet is like that is because of the upgrades in network cables.

    If your office is anything like the offices I have worked in- You actually walk ontop of a bridge where cables are ran below the bridge. The carpet I am afraid is probably due because, Microsoft gets what is availible now and cheap as long as it is carpet.

  2. Bowling blondes? Heh. I should be offended. My hair is NOT that big. And I don’t bowl (although I did attend said event).

  3. The feet that you thought were Kevin Ledley’s are mine. And those are shoes, not boots.

  4. One other comment: the new carpet has nothing to do with networking. There’s concrete underneath the carpet. I think the old carpet was just getting old.

  5. lauraj says:

    Nope, not my shoes…. or feet, either 😉 I’m guessing Christine. Here’s a long view of the carpet patches. along with Tommy’s drawing of the layout that proves that it’s not really for visual cues Not only is the new carpet really really ugly, but it is of the stick-on-square variety and has no padding under it. Plus it’s badly applied. And if you want to get Norvin all worked up, mention the carpet to him… he wants everyone to stop talking about it PLEASE! Heh.

  6. lauraj says:

    Hey, and another thing… I think we should get MSDN bowling shirts made, just in case the Channel 9 folks invite us to go bowling with them.

  7. Bowling shirts would be pretty sweet!

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