Walking through the halls of MSDN!

Heh! My officemate has her 15 minutes of fame on Channel 9 today! What I love about this whole video actually is how they capture things that you would not see, like our admin, a MSDN Directs meeting (the folks who report to our Product Unit Manager), an old photo of Sara Williams, and how small Chris Sells' office actually is.

There's a bit of the wobbly of Blair Witch to it, but it's entirely “behind the scenes.“


And on the behind-the-scenes-food side of Microsoft...

I had to edit this blog entry to mention this piece written by our local alternative rag, The Stranger, about the Microsoft cafeterias. If you ever wanted to know...yes, we gerundize and the nouns become verbs and you see people pm their sandwiches 😀 . But the food is actually amazing in terms of health and variety and cheaper than you'd expect. What's sneaky is the easiest, fastest thing to get is the salad bar (yes there can be a pizza line!).

It forces us workaholics to be healthy, pile on the greens, and swipe the card so we can scoot out. This fellow is obviously bitter and did not try the healthy greens option.






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