Got Issues? Check out the GotDotNet FAQ

Well. No one on the GDN team complained. Except about other things. 😉

So I put the FAQ up, plain as it is. Even in the left navigation. I'm hoping this stems the tide for the poor folks who write me day after day about things that don't work as well as they ought, or how they expect things to work...

I'm going to start becoming a little more “visible” (or should I say “mouthy“?) on GDN. Not because fame becomes me (it does not go well with my outfits), but because people need to know who to holler at when the power goes out, that sort of thing, and because it's a bit more fun than being a faceless site manager.

Although I do not yet have a photo, never fear, eventually it will emerge. That, or I get Chris Mowrer to make a cartoon of me like he did the other GDN posse members in the Gotdotnet Workspaces Overview Flash demo. (lower right part of the page) 😀



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