“Got Issues” in team review

Hi y'all,

The Got Issues Gotdotnet FAQ will be out by the end of the week; I'm just having the team review it before I make it public. I'm also hoping to get a widget on GDN that will let me do what Duncan Mackenzie does on his developer center which is have an excerpt  of my blog on Gotdotnet.

I'm inspired to get this out the door because in the interim, about 12 people have asked me questions about the things on the FAQ. 😛

And yes, there are some things we are tweaking...Tablet PC condensation of forums, Gotdotnet student migrating to The Spoke (though of course students are welcome at GDN). Workspaces has some good stuff coming, but I'll let Andy blog about that when he gets to it. The PM team would hang me by my toenails if I pre-empted their prerogative to announce these things. 🙂

Blog on,





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