Infographic of Microsoft Technologies

Loved this – found on Steve Clayton’s Blog.     Microsoft Technologies – An infographic by the team from Next at Microsoft Hi-res PDF is here  (to read the tiny type 🙂 ).


Update on the treadmill desk: first day back after long absence

Hmm, well. I can say the Treadmill desk prompted me to lose 5 lbs in about as many weeks. That’s the good news. The bad news is, that I also was wearing the wrong orthotics and the wrong shoes (orthotics meant to go in dress shoes only, and because of the treadmill not having a…


Blast from the past – the computers of 1985

A recent trip to visit my parents unearthed gems of a forgotten era. (Yes, I realize bowties are coming back and possibly never left, but ponder the Boston Computer Society Publication aka Computer Update). First we ask ourselves – will online shopping replace a trip to the store? Note the Nov/Dec 1985 date up top…


10 Observations of an Engineer on a PR team

I started writing these at the beginning of 2012, adding to them bit by bit as I looked back and thought about how different it was to launch Bing in 2009 sitting on the PR/marketing side vs. the engineering side, where I’ve launched so many things before. (Admittedly, ‘s technical launch was mine, but I was…


Why hackathons are not nonsense – or how a short term art salon/NaNoWriMo is pragmatically useful

View from coffee line, rockstar TEDActive barista making my drink 2011 . You learn a lot by watching the process! Thanks to a link from Dare Obasanjo, I was reading Scripting News ” Hackathons are Nonsense.” It’s a perfect nugget of thoughtful skepticism, where he notes that you won’t have a Julia Child movie about…


Standing desk to Treadmill desk – an experiment for the new year

If you’ve heard the media stories or are just on a nerd health kick for 2012 and want to know more about both standing and treadmill desks, read on for what I’ve learned so far. Nothing here constitutes medical advice – talk to your doctor before making these changes. Standing desk Folks at Microsoft know…


Blog infidelity – sign of the times

I’ve spent a year being massively unfaithful to this blog. 🙁 Last year (and to be fair the year before), it was more about twitter growing in influence and eating away my will to write long pieces. This year, it’s been more about posting other places – on the Bing blog about our social hackathon or…


BlogHer| bet – why Bing reaches out to startups, and why a conference like this is fun in general

Last Friday I had the privilege of both speaking and mentoring at the inaugural BlogHer | bet  conference, both as a Bing PR/marketing person and as social media/community application/games program manager. It’s an unusual conference and so I’ll lay out a bit of the format and then give some flavor of the event, which was held…


Twitter and Facebook ate my blog (or possibly my brain)

I’m writing this from a skyscraper with a big window where I see exactly no snow falling, despite dire prediction. As we all know, the Seattle area can’t handle snow – so much so that the *idea* of snow, keeps drivers at home. This is a somewhat decent metaphor for the idea that the micro-blogging…


Every kid deserves a great education

Now that some of the launch madness of (aka is over, I’d like to blog about what REDU campaign means to me. I’m a completely public-educated person. With the exception of nursery school (ie pre-kindergarten) I went to public schools in Massachusetts and California, and got university degrees in California and Washington from public…