Programming the Task Bar in Windows 7 with WPF 4 Article Series

Last week we published an article by VB MVP Alessandro Del Sole on how to utilize a cool Windows 7 Task Bar feature from WPF. Well this week we published another one on Jump Lists and Ale has promised to deliver even more! So yesterday we added a dedicated page to the Visual Basic Developer… Read more

Community Article: Programming the Task Bar in Windows 7 with WPF 4, Part One – Thumbnail Buttons

This week we published an article by VB MVP Alessandro Del Sole on how to utilize a cool Windows 7 Task Bar feature from WPF. You can use WPF 4 to specify thumbnail buttons that appear for your app when people hover over it in the Windows 7 Taskbar. Ale also shows the basics of… Read more

Updated Samples for Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate

If you haven’t heard, Jason Zander announced today that the Release Candidate (RC) for Visual Studio 2010 is now available for MSDN Subscribers here. The RC will be made available to the public on Wednesday the 10th. We also just refreshed all the WPF & Silverlight Data binding, VSTO and SharePoint Dev samples on Code… Read more

New Blog from the WPF & Silverlight Designer Team Just Launched!

The WPF and Silverlight Designer team (a.k.a Cider team) launched a blog last week and they already have a TON of content! Wow I need to catch up!  I’m told during the months of January and February they will be adding a good bit of WPF & Silverlight content that will focus on the… Read more

Build WPF Data Controls for Outlook Addins Easily with VS2010

Last post I showed how to migrate our Northwind Outlook client to .NET 4 and Office 2010. This Outlook Add-in displays order history information in an adjoining form region so sales associates can see that data immediately when communicating with customers. When we originally built this with Visual Studio 2008, we used a WPF user… Read more

Migrating an Outlook Client to .NET Framework 4 in Visual Studio 2010

Early this year we built a business application for order management for Northwind Traders on the Office and SharePoint platform using Visual Studio 2008 and Office & SharePoint 2007. If you missed them: Architecture of the Northwind Office Business Application OBA Part 1 – Exposing Line-of-Business Data OBA Part 2 – Building an Outlook Client… Read more

XAML Power Toys Released for Visual Studio 2010

I finally made my way back home from Europe and I’m still digging through all my email, newsletters, feeds, etc. But one of the items that grabbed my attention is this week Karl Shifflett released updated XAML Power Tools for Visual Studio 2008 as well as a new set for Visual Studio 2010: Updated: XAML… Read more

WPF In-Depth with Billy Hollis

If you’re up in Redmond, the .NET Developers Association has a very special guest for their meeting tonight. Billy Hollis will be speaking on WPF showing off a real business application he developed. Billy has a very “practical programmer” style that I always enjoy. He’s also an expert on WPF so this meeting is bound… Read more

New “How Do I” Videos Released on Entity Framework & WPF

Yesterday we released a couple more videos onto the Visual Basic Developer Center on building WPF data-entry forms with Entity Framework: How Do I: Hook Up and Display Validation in WPF using Entity Framework? How Do I: Build a WPF Master-Detail Data Entry Form Using Entity Framework? That makes 5 videos total on working with… Read more

Using Windows Presentation Foundation in Office Clients

I was cleaning up my desk today and in the piles of mail and gobs of paper I found the SDN Magazine “Women in Technology” issue 101 that featured an article I wrote that was released in print back in May. Well, I just noticed today that near the end of June they made most… Read more