Deploying LightSwitch Applications to IIS6 & Automating Deployment Packages

A lot of folks have asked me for information on how to publish a LightSwitch application to IIS6. With the help of a couple team members we finally got the steps written down. This is a follow up to the detailed IIS7 on Windows Server 2008 deployment guide which you should familiarize yourself with first…. Read more

How to Connect to and Diagram your SQL Express Database in Visual Studio LightSwitch

Visual Studio LightSwitch makes it easy to create and model database tables using the Data Designer. With this designer you have a simple interface into the Tables, Columns and Relationships that make up your data model. When you create tables this way, under the covers LightSwitch creates a SQL Express database file at design time…. Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 Released

Jason Zander just announced the availability of Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1! The download is available today for MSDN subscribers and will be made available to the general public on Thursday March 10th. This release addresses customer reported bug fixes as well as some feature updates. Some of my favorites are IntelliTrace support for… Read more

Localized Online Samples Available for Visual Studio 2010

Product teams have been releasing samples online on Code Gallery since Visual Studio has been released. This allows us to get samples out the door outside of the normal VS ship-cycle. So what you see “in-box” (a.k.a on the install disk) is only a subset of samples that we release. If you have an internet… Read more

Multi-line Lambdas in Visual Basic – When is Enough, Enough?

Now that I’ve been writing code for a while with the latest version of Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2010, I’m at the point where I’ve seen the fun new language features in a variety of applications and samples. One of these fun new features is multi-line and statement lambdas. I favor lambdas anytime I… Read more

Integrate Outlook Appointments with SharePoint 2010 Calendar Lists using Data Services

The other day a good friend of mine asked me if it was possible to send appointments created in Outlook into a SharePoint calendar list. It’s easy enough to grab this data from Outlook by building an add-in with Visual Studio, but what also turned out to be really easy was sending this information to… Read more

Programming the Task Bar in Windows 7 with WPF 4 Article Series

Last week we published an article by VB MVP Alessandro Del Sole on how to utilize a cool Windows 7 Task Bar feature from WPF. Well this week we published another one on Jump Lists and Ale has promised to deliver even more! So yesterday we added a dedicated page to the Visual Basic Developer… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Office Add-in (VSTO) Performance Tips & Tricks

In this interview, I sit down with Stephen Peters, a developer on the Office client tools team in Visual Studio. Steve shows us a couple of tricks for how you can squeeze the best performance out of Office solutions built with Visual Studio (VSTO). He also shows how to finely control the way your custom… Read more

Visual Studio BizApps Launch Content Rollup

Here on the Visual Studio BizApps team we’re always busy creating community content for our Dev Centers, Channel9, blogs and MSDN but since Visual Studio 2010 has launched we’ve gone into overdrive! I wanted to call out some of the content we’ve published since launch that you may find helpful as you dive into Visual… Read more

Visual Basic 2010 Books

Last week we gave the books page on the Visual Basic Developer Center a face lift and added some new books on Visual Basic 2010. In the featured section at the top we have Visual Basic 2010 Unleashed by VB MVP Alessandro Del Sole. Alessandro graciously donated 2 free chapters that you can also download:… Read more