History of Visual Studio

I just started catching up on a cool series on Channel 9: The Visual Studio Documentary The documentary kicks off by taking you back to the days of MS-DOS and Alan Cooper who originally sold Visual Basic to Bill Gates back in 1988. It has a lot of BASIC and Windows history and it’s pretty… Read more

Working with a Local Database File in Visual Studio

In this post and video I’ve shown folks how to work with a local database file (.mdf, .mdb, .sdf) that resides directly inside your project in order to see updates made while debugging your application. If it looks like everything saves fine while debugging, but you can’t see the updates if you look directly in… Read more

Visual Basic Power Packs also included with Visual Studio 2010

If you’re like me and used to having line & shape controls, PrintForm and a handy DataRepeater as part of your toolbox then you’ll be excited to know that these controls are also going to be installed with Visual Studio 2010. On Friday, Yunfeng Dong mentioned on the VS Data team blog that the VB… Read more

Visual Basic Start Page News Channel in Visual Studio

I’ve had a couple questions lately on how to change the Visual Studio start page news feed so I thought I’d write a quick post on how to do it. When you open Visual Studio for the first time it will ask you what development environment setting it should use. You can pick Visual Basic,… Read more

Sara Finishes Her Visual Studio Tips Book

One of my good friends Sara Ford finally finished her Visual Studio Tips book, based on her super popular tip-of-the-day blog series she started over a year ago when I first started Microsoft. The amazing thing about the book is that she’s dedicating 100% of the profits to create a scholarship at the Mississippi Gulf… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Refactoring in Visual Basic with Refactor!

I just released a Channel 9 screencast with Lisa Feigenbaum, PM on the VB IDE Team, where she shows us how to use Refactor!, the free add-in for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 that provides over 30 refactorings for Visual Basic. Lisa walks us through all the new refactorings that were added for the latest version… Read more

New Community Article – Using Business Objects with WCF

There’s a new article up on the VB Dev Center by Rob Windsor, a follow up from his first Getting Started with WCF article, called Using Custom Business Objects with Windows Communication Foundation. Rob explains how to serialize your own custom business objects using WCF DataContracts and what issues you may run into in Visual… Read more

MSDN geekSpeak: Generics in Visual Basic

Listen to the always entertaining Jim Duffy, Visual Basic MVP, talk about generics and more in Visual Basic on MSDN’s geekSpeak. In this segment, Jim answers common developer questions about not only use of generics, but also some language-specific features of VB.NET. Jim, I know you love Rush but do you have to slip them into… Read more

Using Data Across Multiple Windows Forms

Recently I’ve had more than a few questions about how to handle working with data across multiple forms. If you’ve watched my Forms over Data video series you know how to create a database, connect to it, save your data properly, and work with data in your code. In this post I’ll expand upon those… Read more

Binding Multiple Combo Boxes to the Same Data Source

Recently the VB Team received a customer bug submitted through Connect that had to do with binding multiple combo boxes to the same data source. The customer was reporting that once a selection was made in one combo, the other combos were also changing. The resolution was “By Design” because of the way the customer was… Read more