.NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") for the Rest of Us

The .NET Compiler Platform (code named “Roslyn”) is the next generation of the Visual Basic and C# .NET compilers. At BUILD 2014 Roslyn was released as an open source software project and the team is accepting contributions from the community. In this interview I sit down with Dustin Campbell, a Program Manager on the managed… Read more

Exciting Times for .NET

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at //build/ which is the premiere developer event of the year for Microsoft. As I mentioned in the rollup yesterday, yours truly spoke in the Office & SharePoint developer track. According to the tweets and feedback afterwards, my session went really well. You can watch it here:… Read more

Using Word to Create Master-Detail Reports for LightSwitch (or Silverlight)

A while back a posted how to use Word to create simple reports for LightSwitch by passing in an entity (like Customer) and using Word Content Controls to lay out content in a template and bind them to XML inside the document. If you missed it: Using Microsoft Word to Create Reports For LightSwitch (or… Read more

Fun with OData and Windows Phone 7

Tonight I’m speaking in San Francisco on one of my favorite topics, OData. Here’s the info: Creating and Consuming OData Services for Business Applications. (By the way, the Open Data Protocol (OData) is a protocol for querying and updating data over the web. If you’re not familiar with OData I encourage you to check out… Read more

How To Create Outlook Appointments from a LightSwitch Application

Last post I showed how to create email in a couple different ways, one of them being from the LightSwitch UI on the client side that used COM to automate Outlook to create an email. If you missed it here it is: How To Send HTML Email from a LightSwitch Application This generated some questions… Read more

How To Send HTML Email from a LightSwitch Application

A while back Paul Patterson wrote an awesome step-by-step blog post based on a forum question on how to send an automated email using System.Net.Mail from LightSwitch. If you missed it here it is: Microsoft LightSwitch – Send an Email from LightSwitch This is a great solution if you want to send email in response… Read more

Visual Basic Samples, Resources and More!

Yesterday the VB Team posted links to a TON of Visual Basic code samples and resources (see below) that have been made available by teams across Microsoft. It’s really nice to see the internal culture shift on a lot of teams to embrace the C# /VB Co-Evolution strategy. The VB Team still has work to… Read more

Getting the Most out of LightSwitch Summary Properties

Note: This article has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/17/2011 Summary Properties in LightSwitch are properties on your entities (tables) that “describe” them (kind of like the .ToString() method on objects in .NET). A summary property is used by LightSwitch to determine what to display when a row of data is represented on a… Read more

Using Microsoft Word to Create Reports For LightSwitch (or Silverlight)

Note: This post has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/24/2011 LightSwitch has a really nice feature on data grids that allow you to export them to Excel if running as a Desktop application (out of browser). This gives you a basic way of getting data out of the system to create reports or do… Read more

Multi-line Lambdas in Visual Basic – When is Enough, Enough?

Now that I’ve been writing code for a while with the latest version of Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2010, I’m at the point where I’ve seen the fun new language features in a variety of applications and samples. One of these fun new features is multi-line and statement lambdas. I favor lambdas anytime I… Read more